Pop Artist Alice Sungurov Drops New Single "So Blind"

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Young and talented pop singer and songwriter, Alice Sungurov, just dropped a new single, "So Blind".

The New York singer and songwriter, 10th grade class president, world traveler and yogi has been described as a "bright, young artist with an original and quirky songwriting approach" similar sounds compared to Christina Perri, Taylor Swift and Adele.

Sungurov was born in New Jersey into a family of Russian immigrants. She grew up learning to play guitar, violin and piano, and learned how to discover her own voice, write music and perform in musical theater.

While growing up, the young musician spent weekends performing at festivals, charity events, talent shows - any place where she could have her voice heard but also give back to her community.

The fifteen year-old artist is determined to have her voice heard and share that "life is fun and everything is possible." This is especially apparent since as a child, Alice was unable to comprehend and communicate well for the first eight years of her life, and was diagnosed with the Auditory Processing Disorder at a young age.

Because of this, Alice's mother created an arts school for her and other children who needed creative outlets to enhance their life skills.

Alice was later able to overcome her disorder through the work of her mother's school, and since has learned more about integrity, authenticity, responsibility and living an enriched light than ever, recently quoting, "having my voice be heard inspires me to write.

When I write music, I write a story, and then I hear lyrics come together with music and there is a moment where everything is paused, the feeling of content, the feeling of being complete.

It is like reassuring myself that I know what I was meant to do."

Having gone through so much as a young child, Alice Sungurov has recently started her own video blog, where she discusses topics of living in the Big Apple to her favorite travel spots, self-improvement to baking. Aside from making music, Alice enjoys reading, writing and traveling, having just spent this past summer exploring and discovering India while immersing herself into the teachings of yoga and meditation.

With her history and success as an achieved singer and songwriter, Alice is definitely a profound role model for other young girls with strong dreams and passions to look up to.

Alice leaves her fans and listeners with her new single "So Blind", with the hopes that her music will touch and influence others around the world.

Stay tuned for more to come from this young and inspirational singer and songwriter, and share her aspiring work with young girls you may know!