Band of Horses Returns With 'Why Are You OK'

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Alternative rockers Band of Horses released their latest album Why Are You OK staying true to the sound that gained them a loyal fan following.

Along with the release of Why Are You OK, Band of Horses also announced its 2016 tour which shares the title of the brand new album.

So far the fan favorites from Why Are You OK happen to be "Solemn Oath," "Casual Party," "In A Drawer" and "Whatever, Wherever" according to the iTunes ratings.

The band uses a mix of West Coast beachy-sounds along with folk and alternative rock influences.

Band of Horses shot into fame with "Funeral" a track off their album Everything All The Time. Over the years, they have managed to keep their sound consistent.

Why Are You OK seems to continue that consistency in a 12-track package. You can stream Why Are You OK below.

Stream Band of Horses' Why Are You OK