The Game Releases His 'Streets of Compton' Album

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On a day where West Coast hip-hop saw the release of YG's Still Brazy, The Game releases his on West Coast heavy project titled, Streets of Compton.

The Game has been releasing a ton of music as The Documentary 2 and The Documentary 2.5 were both released towards the tail end of 2015.

Now comes Streets of Compton in which The Game continues his consistency and celebration of the West Coast.

It's also worth mentioning that the production on the album is very well done and unfortunately it's not the popular trap music, however, it is very much hip-hop.

Surprise albums are always welcomed especially when they contain evidence of hard work and dedication.

Streets of Compton exemplifies everything that The Game is known for and why he remains a relevant name in West Coast hip-hop.

You can stream The Game's Streets of Compton album below and let us know what you think about the new project.

Listen/Stream The Game's Streets of Compton Album