Lil Pump Drops New Track "Gucci Gang" - Listen

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After weeks of teasing, rapper Lil Pump released his latest song today, called "Gucci Gang".

Gucci Gang is slightly different from Lil Pump's other recent relases, such as "Molly" and "Boss", which have a much harder style to them.

However, it generally maintains a lot of the qualities that fans like about Lil Pump's music. The song is produced by Bighead and Gnealz.

The song was immediately trending online, and within a few hours, it received several hundred thousand listens on SoundCloud. Lil Pump's biggest hit, "Boss", has a total of over 33 million listens on SoundCloud and over a million views on Youtube.

There is no video yet to "Gucci Gang', although Lil Pump has released a clip of himself rapping part of the song. That clip can be watched on Instagram.

It does not contain the whole song. There is, however, a video for "Boss" which has been seen millions of times on Youtube.

Lil Pump has recently made news for his large purchases, such as a jewel studded new watch from Avienne Jewelers. He also recently celebrated his birthday, with a giant party and some expensive toys.

You can listen to "Gucci Gang" here:

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