Snootie Wild Releases 'She's A Keeper' With August Alsina & Yo Gotti : 'Go Mode' EP Releases Next Week

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The man responsible for the hit "Yayo," Snootie Wild, has released "She's A Keeper" from his upcoming "Go Mode" EP scheduled to be released on September 23.

The song features an inspiring chorus from the rising R&B senstaion August Alsina. Alsina will be joining Usher on his "UR Experience" Tour but before he does that he lays down some strong vocals for Wild's song.

The song is about the girl who is always down to ride for her guy.

Wild's verse is reminiscent of "Yayo" because of his distinct delivery that accentuates the "o" when a word ends with it. It is a slower vibe in comparison to his other track and is tailored for his female fan base.

Yo Gotti is also featured on the song and while he lays down a rap verse he also sings a bit which isn't something completely out of the ordinary for him.

It is a very smooth track and is sure to make his fans happy until the official release of the EP next week.

Listen to "She's A Keeper"