A New Travis Scott Album Is Coming

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It looks like Travis Scott and Mike Dean are back in the studio and what's even more interesting is the fact that Scott says there is a new album on the way.

Yesterday Scott recorded a video which was then posted to Dean's Instagram account. In the video, you can hear Scott say that a new album is on the way despite the fact that his Rodeo album was released just four months ago.

Today, Scott posted another photo of him and Dean with the caption, "passing time" and is pretty much solidifying the fact that a new album is on the way.

If you remember, Scott was teasing photos with Dean prior to the release of Rodeo, so the fact that he and Dean are back together again really reassures fans that Scott isn't done bringing them new music yet.

A week ago Scott made an Instagram post which stated that he was "waiting on the bacon," which some fans took as a sign of new music to come. Scott delivered two new tracks one titled, "A-Team" and another titled "Wonderful" featuring The Weeknd.

There isn't any information as to whether these two tracks are part of the new album or if they were just a couple of offerings that Scott is using to build hype for the new project.

Either way the hype is only going to climb as Scott continues his posts on social media.

Passing time @snappsny

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