Louis Tomlinson Hits The Golden Buzzer for 14-Year-Old Jayna Brown

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The majority of Golden Buzzer moments of this season of America's Got Talent has come from the youngest contestants on the show.

Louis Tomlinson was a guest judge on the show and he was so moved by 14-year-old Jayna Brown's performance that he hit the Golden Buzzer.

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson may have made Jayna Brown a little nervous before her performance, however, she showed no signs of nervousness when she started her performance.

Brown covered Andra Day's "Rise Up" and it was filled with power and control. For such a young singer, she was really able to show talent that is well beyond her years.

Brown's performance had the audience and judges on their feet. Tomlinson said that it wasn't just the voice with Brown. He told the audience and Brown that she had everything and it was infectious.

After a little tease, Tomlinson hit his Golden Buzzer sending gold confetti flying everywhere and cheers all around from the audience.

Tomlinson and Brown raced down to hug each other as he told her that she killed it. You can watch Louis Tomlinson hit his Golden Buzzer for 14-year-old Jayna Brown in the video below.

Louis Tomlinson Hits His Golden Buzzer for 14-Year-Old Jayna Brown