Vic Mensa's 'THat Part' Freestyle is Insane

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What Vic Mensa did on his "THat Part" freestyle is filthy, in a good way of course.

It was so good in fact, that many are beginning to speculate whether or not he is taking shots at Chance The Rapper in it.

"Why these n----- so fake? ...

Beef I'll turn it into Burger King / Just have it your way ...

I might have to call Miss Info, let her get a little info / About some n----- I used to be cool with," rapped Mensa in his "THat Part" freestyle, according to Design N Trend.

Much of the rumors surrounding the beef between the two comes from the separation of the super-group Kids These Days.

Chance The Rapper and Mensa were both members of the group and things don't seem to be meshing well for the two.

Chance The Rapper doesn't traditionally sound like the type of rapper to respond to a diss, if this even happens to be one at all, however, it would be interesting to hear his thoughts.

Meanwhile, the "THat Part" freestyle also comes after the release of his EP There's Alot Going On.

On the project Mensa was at his very best and shows signs of big things to come in the future. You can check out Vic Mensa's "THat Part" freestyle below.

Watch Vic Mensa's "THat Part" Freestyle