Indie Synthpop Band, Cosby, Releases New Single "Heartracer"

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Just in: we have the latest from indie synthpop band on the rise, Cosby.

The up-and-coming band has blended the genres of synthpop and Britpop to create a sound of their own, releasing their first single "Heartracer" off their upcoming album with a music video to coincide.

Their new single "Heartracer" is described as "that moment when we finally feel at ease with the realization that we are all, for better or worse, heading in the same direction on this big floating rock in space we call Earth."

Similar sounding to the works of Passion Pit and M83, Cosby, has opened up for Future Islands and finished as a semi-finalist in last year's International Songwriting Competition.

The band from Richmond, Virginia consists of brothers Chris and Chip Cosby, alongside Mike Levinson.

The band formed back in 2012, after years of playing on their own, the brothers decided to join forces and talents to work together in songwriting, instrumentals and vocalization.

Cosby's debut album In Flight was dropped in late November of 2013, blending "dream pop aesthetics, indie dance and synth, and progressive textures." With more music on the way, there's no stopping Cosby in the rising musical path they're on.

For more information on Cosby, be sure to visit, and in the meantime, take a listen to their new single "Heartracer" off their upcoming album.

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