Electro-Noire Duo No:Carrier Set to Release Third Album in Late April

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No:Carrier, a German and Californian electro duo, are back with a full-length album 'Wisdom & Failure'.

For those who are fans of Depeche Mode, Portishead and The Cruxshadows, music listeners are bound to become fans of this new release.

Since forming, the electro-noire pop duo has released two albums, and are set to release 'Wisdom & Failure' on April 29th.

The duo formed in 1995, has been active since 2001 and has maintained a long distance musical relationship from Germany to California, adding spice and eclecticism to their music.

'Wisdom & Failure' "tells stories about hurtful memories, fears for the future, tragic destinies and strong personalities", a recent press release described the new and eclectic release from No:Carrier.

The duo showcases their unique brand of electro-pop in this release, just as they have with their past single and album releases.

The duo, consisting of Cynthia Wechselberger on vocals and Chris Wirsig on keyboards and vocals, enter "unknown territory, skillfully adding acoustic instruments and elements of other styles, resulting in a sound that is more versatile than ever" in their new album.

Some recommended tracks from the duo's upcoming release are "Confession" and "Last Scene". The songs are easy to relate to for all listeners, incorporating daily struggles and strength.

"It's about strong, fighting against adversities. You look back, you learn from the past, and maybe you also despair of it.

But you stick to your intentions, do what you want, and you go for it, regardless of what others say, regardless of which opinions you hear, regardless of if you'll succeed or fail," Wirsig explained of the process behind the songwriting and production of the album.

Both of these electro hits can be listened to on Soundcloud below - be sure to check them out.

No:Carrier's new music off their album 'Wisdom & Failure' is especially worth listening to if you are a fan of electro-pop music, mixed with deep and powerful lyrics and vocals. When listening to the duo, I got a strong and similar vibe to the music of The XX. This is music that I could certainly see myself listening to on the regular, especially because the lyrics are so deep and touch on serious topics that all could relate to.

For more information on No:Carrier, be sure to visit www.nocarriermusic.com, and look for more releases to come from the electro-pop duo in the future.

The duo plans to tour around Europe in the fall of 2014, so be sure to catch a live performance from the two.