Alt-Rock Band, Direct Divide, Gear Up For April Album Release

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Rising from Los Angeles, Direct Divide, an alternative rock band similar to those of Muse, A Perfect Circle, 30 Seconds to Mars and Silversun Pickups, is preparing for their April album release.

'Bridges', set to be released on April 1st, is a unique product of every band member's own experiences.

"Their songs reflect the feelings of people striving to communicate in a vast world full of distractions and technology," a recent press release explained perfectly of the band's work.

Members of the band are from all different cities: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Sao Paulo, San Francisco and Seattle - and all combine different musical backgrounds together to form something deep and relatable to their audiences, listeners and fans.

Direct Divide consists of Razz on violins and vocals, Kevin Proctor on guitar and keyboards, Gabe Soto on bass and Valdemar Huguet on drums.

The four talented musicians and artists combine strong female vocals with unique mix of different instruments.

Razz and Proctor have been writing music together for three years, and added in Soto and Huguet for a rock sounding energy on the drums and bass.

If you are a fan of the harder sounding work produced and released by Jared Leto's 30 Seconds to Mars or Muse - you are sure to love the sound that Direct Divide is releasing.

What I enjoyed most were the relatable lyrics, as well as the female vocals for something different in a harder sounding alternative rock band.

To take a listen to what Direct Divide is providing for thier fans and listeners, visit, and for more updated news and information from the band, take a trip to

Look forward to the album release of 'Bridges' on Tuesday April 1st!