Kanye Interrupts Again, This Time Jay-Z and Beyonce

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Usually when one of these rappers put out one of these remixes over a huge R&B song that is blazing the charts, it's usually a disaster. I hear a lot of them.

A lot of these artists should be charged for murder for killing amazing songs. I am a huge fan of music and the day Beyonce released her album without any warning, I was stunned. She dropped an album and for every song there was a video, I was mind blown. I heard it was an awesome project from start to finish, and I wasn't expecting anything less. There were even huge features from Drake and the man of every hour in hip hop, Jay-Z. To be honest I haven't even listened to the whole thing in its entirety yet. But the one song that did go into heavy rotation was the one that featured Jay. I was probably the first person to see it, or at least I'd like to believe that. The song was dope, cool, sweet. But it was definitely for the inebriated for sure.

I loved the song, the tones Beyonce took. Just everything. It made me love it even more to see Jay-Z make an appearance in the video. What were the odds of that? Being a Jay-Z historian, it was odd. Jay-Z never makes an appearance in videos.

But this was different. That wasn't the last thing that would shock me about the song. The already amazing song was about to get a feature. And a little bit of a beat revamp from the self absorbed, "God" himself.

Kanye jumped on the track and started the lyrical abuse which he is known for. Talking about everything from his rhyming to his woman.

It was genius. He spoke highly of his girls' sexual abilities. He started with some sort of tribal singing but Kanye makes it all sound amazing.

He bounces on the beat perfectly. He kills whatever was left of the song. He takes the three minute song and stretches it into just enough for him to be apart of it - typical Kanye.

The man and phenomenon named Kanye strikes again. Everyone get your glasses as Kanye pours his bragging on thick. After the first hangover of being "Drunk In Love", Kanye will make sure he gives you another shot. Take a listen.

Drunk in love (Remix) ft. Jay Z and Kanye West: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=br62hRd6VHI