Taylor Swift Keeps '1989' from Apple Music in Open Letter

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There isn't really surprising to find that Taylor Swift will be keeping her music off of Apple's new streaming option.

The singer recently pulled all her work from other streaming sites, Spotify and Pandora, just before the release of her fifth album "1989."

Just like last time Swift thinks she's doing it for the sake of the little guys.

Swift posted an open letter to apple on her Tumblr site earlier today. In the letter she goes on to explain that Apple will be offering a three month free trail for the service when it first come out.

Cool, sounds like a promotion most companies use to attract costumers.

What Swift has a problem with is that Apple will not be paying artists for the use of their music for those three months. Swift says this is "shocking, disappointing, and completely unlike this historically progressive and generous company."

Swift admits that she has enough money to roll without that three months pay but she's pulling her music as more of a protest for the smaller artists who need the money. The singer left Spotify for money reasons as well. Swift believed that the streaming services were contributing factors to low album sales.

Swift is not the only one whose music isn't going to be on Apple Music. Other acts such as, Adele and the Beatles, have yet to accept the deal.

On June 8th, Apple announced that it would be providing a streaming service similar to Spotify and Pandora.

The service will come at a monthly cost to members who will then be allowed to stream and listen to any music available to iTunes. Apple Music is set to debut on June 30th.

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