John Mayer Talks 'The Bachelor' and More On The Ellen Show

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John Mayer recently released the second wave of his album The Search for Everything and now he makes his Ellen Show return to chat about his favorite show, The Bachelor and more.

DeGeneres warmly welcomed Mayer to the stage and said it had been some time since he was visiting the show.

She continued to thank Mayer for being there because she knows that he isn't doing many interviews at the moment.

Mayer said he would be there anytime they needed to and that he decided to put out four songs at a time because he found that 12 tracks is a big task.

Mayer said he found it to be too much whenever he got a big wave of music.

However, he also said this way helps him release tracks that are finished while working on ones that still need a little work.

The singer-songwriter lives in Montana and said that he spends some time in Hollywood and then watches Hollywood on TV when he is in Montana forgetting that he had been in that bubble.

Meanwhile, Mayer said he loves The Bachelor, however, two hours is too much to ask. Mayer said if you get tears in flight on The Bachelor that is prime stuff.

He did say that he didn't think he would find love if he was The Bachelor.

Mayer also explained who the woman in the cover art for his album and described it as the representation of what he is looking for.

You can watch Mayer's interview and performance of "Moving On and Getting Over" in The Ellen Show videos below.

John Mayer Talks 'The Bachelor' and More On The Ellen Show

John Mayer Performs "Moving On and Getting Over"