Howard Stern Gets a Hilarious Election Day Call from 'Donald Trump'

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On the Howard Stern show this morning, 'Donald Trump' (obviously not the real one) called in to the show and had a hilarious call with Robin and Howard.

As soon as 'Trump' came on the show, he said "I'm going to win so big...don't believe the polls or the pundits or the election results tonight that say I lost by a landslide...only believe me Honest Donald." In response, Howard Stern says: "You're calling yourself Honest Donald?"

Then later, Robin started asking questions: "You've been crisscrossing the country?" Trump then responded, "Robin you're such a nasty woman."

Then Howard Stern took back the interview. He said: "Early voting with blacks isn't going your way" and asked if that concerns him. 'Trump' responded: "I'm not worried...Everyone knows black people don't get up early..."

Howard responded that "Robin's here since 5am," to which Trump responded: "I'm talking about real black people with the boombox on the shoulder and the spray paint and the pants on the gound."

When asked what he would do if Clinton wins, 'Trump' said: "If crooked Hillary wins the election and I somehow wind up losing, I'l just quit politics and go back to what I love, hiding in my daughter's laundry hamper and watching her shower."

After 'Trump' pivoted several times, the next question from Howard was, "will you ever come back on this show?"

Trump responded, "only if you bring back that thing where you throw bologna at girls a---es." Everyone laughed.

He continued: "I'm winning 90% of a poll taken in my own head." He said the other 10% went to Jill Stein because she has a hairy p----y.

Later, Howard asked "You haven't talked about the wall in a while ...If you win today are you gonna build the wall?" "America doesn't want a wall, they want a guy who says he's gonna build the wall...people are f----ing idiots."

Howard and Robin start to get sick of 'Trump' but he won't hang up. In the background he murmurs, "make America white again...Robin you'll be my next wife."

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