Stream Chevelle's New Album 'The North Corridor'

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Alternative rock band Chevelle is back with another hard-hitting album titled, The North Corridor. The album continues the band's relentless and hardcore rock sound that ultimately stays true to their roots.

Lead singer Peter Loeffler's ability to balance his deep growls and screams with crisp delivery is one of Chevelle's stand-out qualities. The band knows how to rock and their loyal fanbase that they have acquired over the years is proof that they have a perfect formula.

That formula continues on The North Corridor.

In 2002 Chevelle released their second album titled, Wonder What's Next which contained huge hits like "The Red" and "Send The Pain Below." Two years later they struck gold with hits like "The Clincher" and "Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)" that were featured on This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In).

You can stream Chevelle's latest album The North Corridor below.

Stream Chevelle's The North Corridor Album