Get To Know: Markus Schulz

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He is an ultimate king of trance music, an internationally known DJ and producer, and a legend in the electronic music industry.

His name is Markus Schulz, and if you are fan of electronic music, you are sure to know his extremely talented work. Schulz just recently released his 'Scream 2' album and set out on his 'Scream 2' Bus Tour across the States, performing live shows in cities ranging from the West to East coasts.

We had the chance to catch up with the trance legend during his stop in Pittsburgh before performing at The Altar Bar, and found out more about his 'Scream' project, along with what he has in store for fans and listeners post-tour.

Read further and get to know Markus Schulz!

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: Last year, you released 'Scream' - what have you incorporated from that release into your newest album 'Scream 2'?
MARKUS SCHULZ: I think it's the energy, the momentum from 'Scream' carried over to 'Scream 2'. Usually what happens when I work on an album, it usually takes me about two years. 'Scream' started slow and towards the end of the project, the ideas kept coming really fast.

I finished the album and afterwards, I still had more ideas so I just kept on working.

Usually I will take some time off after an album, but I just had so many ideas rolling that I kept working and working, and soon had enough tracks for another album.

There's a connection - the momentum carried over to these
tracks, and that's why I decided to keep it as 'Scream 2', it really is part two to what I originally started.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: So far on the Scream 2 bus tour, what has been your most memorable experience?
MARKUS SCHULZ: I think for this tour, it's the fans' response and how they've embraced the 'Scream' project.

When I play these shows,
I'll play some tracks from 'Scream', as well as 'Scream 2'.

People really get into it, singing and that's the coolest thing about the tour, just to see how part of the trance and EDM scene, both of these albums have become.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: So many people that I have interviewed mention you as one of their biggest musical influences. Who do you consider your musical influences?
MARKUS SCHULZ: When I was growing up, I used to hear stories all the time about Larry Levan. I wasn't old enough see him in the clubs or perform live, but I would hear stories and make these images of what I heard from these stories.

What it must be like to hear him play since people would always tell me what it was like. I think the image that I had of Larry Levan in my head is what inspired me.

Levan was very inspirational to a lot of people, him and Frankie Knuckles who just passed away.

They started off together at The Paradise Garage, it was just one of those places where I never went, but just continuously heard stories about and that still to this day is inspirational.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: Through your entire career, what has your most memorable place to perform?
MARKUS SCHULZ: I played some really beautiful places like along the Dead Sea in Jordan. Then there are fantastic and crazy places, Prague.

Even smaller, underground clubs like Stereo in Montreal. All kinds of places, for different reasons that are favorites and continuously memorable for me.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: What are your upcoming plans for after this tour?
MARKUS SCHULZ: We are getting into Ibiza season so I have to begin planning Ibiza. I need some exclusive tracks for Ibiza. We go straight from a world tour to a mini tour through Europe, of course festival season.

I am still creating some tracks now for the summer, and then we will see.

I think that the Dakota project is what I kind of want to focus on for a little while. My Dakota alias is a bit clubbier, darker, dirtier.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: What about in regards to New World Punx, what do you have planned for working more with Ferry Corsten?
MARKUS SCHULZ: New World Punx is my project with Ferry Corsten, and we said we only wanted to do about 10--15 shows a year.

Now we are
planning on what we want to do over the summer, perform a few
festivals together on main stage.

In Ibiza, we are doing seperate nights, but will do a New World Punx night on each night that we are performing solo in Ibiza.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: Anything else you would like to add?
MARKUS SCHULZ: Just, as always, thank you for your support, especially right now during this 'Scream' project.

Fans have really embraced the music and I feel like I am just getting my second wind, there's definitely more in me. I don't think there's going to be a 'Scream 3', but there is definitely more to create.

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