On The Rise: Byron Nash

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If you are at all familiar with the local Steel City music scene, you are bound to have seen one of Pittsburgh's most popular men playing around town as the lead guitarist of his band, Formula 412.

Byron Nash is not only a guitarist and songwriter, but also a producer and an all around creator who has more drive and determination than anyone I have ever met in the industry.

On top of constantly creating new music and keeping up with band practices and recordings, Nash also spends his time slinging and serving up drinks to his devoted customers at Harris Grill in Shadyside, as well as partaking in cross fit and local athletic challenges.

He is the definition of a man who is always on the go - is there anything he can't do?

Nash has a unique style, considered to be rock 'n soul guitar playing. His musical influences sprout from a variety of different genres including hip-hop, jazz, blues to jam, funk, soul and metal.

Because of his unique sound, Nash has recently been brought on by many business clients to produce music to be featured in their commercials, videos and ads.

Along with independent films and documentaries, some of these big business names include The Heinz Endowment, Ugandan Gold Coffee, Crow's Run Films.

This music production, along with an upcoming release of his first solo EP, as well as a national tour in the works, Nash plans to continue to perfect his work in writing and guitar. His solo EP is expected to be released in Spring of 2014, and will feature other talented Pittsburgh musicians who are just as excited to be involved with the release as Nash is to have them on board.

With the amount of dedication and pride that he puts into his music, along with his long history of being prominent in the Pittsburgh scene, Byron Nash is determined to make his mark - and that he will.

With so much in store, stay tuned and be sure to expect big things from Byron in 2014.

In search for some soulful rock guitar sounds? Head on over to www.byronnash.com and be sure to check out some of the featured MP3's free for download.

Also on the site, you will find Byron's Blog, music videos and updated information on tour date announcements and releases.

And with the ending words of advice from Nash, "to make things happen, you have to go get it and never stop the pursuit".