Young Kendrick Lamar Destroys A Freestyle At 17-Years-Old

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A video surfaced this morning of a 17-year-old Kendrick Lamar in a rap battle and it looks like he's been killing the rap game even at the beginning of his craft.

Lamar has been keeping a low profile as of late but it looks like he along with the rest of his Top Dawg Entertainment family will be going on tour soon.

"With fans anxiously awaiting the last two releases of the year from the camp, sophomore LPs from both Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar, XXL also obtained a brief update on Jay Rock's approaching LP," said "I've been working with my in-house producers, Sounwave, Tae Beast, Willy B. and a lot of other producers. There's this producer from New Zealand I've been working with."

Recently there hasn't been much buzz around Lamar who is working hard on his album that is set to drop sometime this year.

In late July, Complex Magazine followed Lamar through a few studio sessions in LA, he is rumored to already have 30 to 40 tracks for the new album.

Check out Lamar's battle below.

Photo courtesy of Jon Elbaz.