Howard Stern Plays More of Ronnie's Poetry, Talks Ronnie's Mom (Listen)

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Today on the Howard Stern Show, Howard, Robin, and Schuli talked with Ronnie about his poetry, and Ronnie's famous stories.

The segment started off with Ronnie recounting stories of his many conquests. Ronnie talked about one time when he hooked up with his mom's friend after they were playing Mahjong.

Ronnie was babysitting his mom's friends kids while his mom and the friend played Mahjong.

After the game was over, the friend returned home and started making out with Ronnie. The situation escalated, and when they were both done, Ronnie returned home and asked his mom how the game went.

Another incident Ronnie discussed was with a girl in high school who he had on call.

She would meet him in a random place, get in his car, finish him off, and then leave without saying a word. He claims he never spoke to her at all.

Ronnie also talked about walking in on his father having a threesome with someone he knew.

After that, we heard some of Ronnie's poetry (which he writes on the toilet), like this one from five years:

Winter is when there are no leaves on the trees

Winter is when we say goodbye to the birds and the bees

Winter is where we get an extra hour of zzzz's

Winter is when a red-suited man bring us glee

JD then read a new poem of Ronnie's called "Twitter":

Twitter works best for me when I'm on the s----er

My best thoughts come out in many different ways for me to consider

Do I post pictures of hot chicks of the week with total class

Or do I retweet pictures of Emilio's girls with all different size a---

Do I tweet four double heads or two smiley faces

Such a tuff decision

That must be divided

Twitter -- it's about meeting guys, meeting girls

In fun ways to you to consider

I have to leave the bowl now, my thoughts have run out now in many different ways

All I can say now is have happy holidays.

You can listen to the poems being read below:

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