Will Kid Cudi Break His Social Media Silence Following Kanye West's Emotional Words?

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After Kid Cudi and Kanye West had a slight falling out, it seems that things could be moving in the right direction.

Kanye used his Houston Saint Pablo Tour stop as a platform to share just how much Kid Cudi means to him.

Kanye pretty much had the same view of Kid Cudi that most of his fans have, calling him one of the most influential artists for the past 10 years and also referring to him as his brother.

He continued to tell the crowd that he hopes that Cudi is doing well.

His speech was made as the somber piano of "Runaway" played in the background, adding a very sentimental feeling to the words. Since airing out his feelings on Twitter, Kid Cudi has been pretty silent on all social media platforms.

Cudi did promise fans that his latest album would be coming this month, so it's unclear whether he is busy working on getting the album out in a timely fashion or is torn over what transpired.

Either way, we are hoping for the best in this situation as two musical visionaries that created some magical music together look to mend their relationship.

Watch Kanye West Call Kid Cudi His Brother During The Saint Pablo Tour