Mac Miller Nude Photos Released By Groupie

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Mac Miller has had a heavy presence on our site as of recently, but recently he was photographed sleeping naked by a groupie.

The photographs were taken by a woman who clearly slept with the rapper but then became angry once she found out he was with his girlfriend at the time and then released these photos.

Truthfully they are pretty tame, though they are a bit exposing since the rapper is clearly not planning on being photographed. This one feels similar to the Justin Bieber groupie photograph incident last year. Though that one feels pretty tame.

This one is raw, and exposes the rappers hairy side. As of writing this, Mac has yet to comment on the incident on Twitter.

See the nude photos for yourself and tell him to buy a razor [NSFW] - Media Takeout

EDIT: Turns out the release may have been done by his ex-girlfriend, you know, the one he wrote a bunch of songs on.