Pat Thomas Streams "Coasters Riding in the Air"

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Pat Thomas is one of four members of the San Franciscan band, Cool Ghouls.

He is known as "the tall dude that plays the bass" and has written one-third of his band's songs. His latest release, Coasters Riding in the Air, is a collection of songs Pat Thomas has written, performed and recorded.

The band Cool Ghouls are known for their soulful tunes and live sets filled with energy from both the band members themselves alongside the crowd.

Their memorable stage performance has earned them slots performing with many well-known bands from the West Coast, including Thee Oh Sees, The Fresh and Onlys, Sonny and the Sunsets, Fuzz - among many others.

The Cool Ghouls released their debut album less than a year ago with help from Empty Cellar and Burger Records. They are currently planning on recording and releasing their full-length album in a short amount of time coming.

"One might guess that the Ghouls have their hands full, but like label-mate and fellow San Franciscan, Tim Cohen, Pat has more songs than any one band is prepared to handle", a recent press release stated about Pat's current release.

Thomas is offering his batch of solo material to fans as Cool Ghouls keep on doing what they're doing.

"He wants to keep the songs flowing, to convey another corner of the musical realm that he and Cool Ghouls inhabit, but mostly, because he recorded them and he'd like to share them", the press release continues.

"Pat laid these tracks at a leisurely pace, coming back to them whenever he could."

Pat plays every instrument heard on the album, aside from a few lines of saxophone and trombone, which are played by Ryan Wong and Richard Harkins.

His release of singles is a mix of a contemporary take on classic West Coast rock and roll.

Coasters Riding in the Air was released early last week, and could be listened to and downloaded on Empty Cellar.

Be sure to give the release a listen, especially for you classic rock and roll or West Coast beach vibe fans.