Tom Petty Net Worth at Death

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TMZ is now reporting that the legendary Tom Petty died after being rushed to the hospital under cardiac arrest. Petty has had a long and extremely successful career, which spans decades.

He started his career Florida, where he learned about music by watching Elvis.

He quickly got into rock and roll, but he didn't decide to become a musician until later, when he watched the famous Beatles perform on TV's Ed Sullivan Show.

Petty didn't finish high school; in fact, he left school to focus on his band, called Mudcruch.

Mudcruch never caught on with the mainstream, although it was popular among young people in his Florida region. Mudcrutch included some of the members of the Heartbreakers, and Petty worked with some of soon to be huge musical stars.

Mudcrutch later broke up, and Petty started a solo career, but he continued to work with many of the members of his previous groups. They started out going mostly unnoticed, but they eventually got popular and started making top hits.

Petty's music spanned several decades, and he recently released another album with the hearbreakers.

At the same time, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have done music for films and TV shows, Super Bowl shows, and more.

In addition, Tom Petty dabbled in acting, and he even had a show on the radio, where he played some of his favorite music.

Tom Petty Net Worth 2017

Petty was one of the top earners in music, year after year.

In fact, The Squander estimates that Tom Petty is worth $110 to $140 million as of 2017. Petty's collaborator on the Heartbreakers, Mike Campbell, was estimated to be worth $25-50 million as well.

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