Nardwuar Interviews Drake and 40 in A Hour-Long Canadian Mashup

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For the most part Nardwuar often celebrates Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada but this time he travels over to the six-side, Toronto to interview Drake and his producer and long-time friend Noah "40" Shebib.

It's great to see Nardwuar in great health and with a team of talent that was responsible for one of the most highly anticipated pieces yet.

40 and Drake seemed pretty excited about being interviewed by Nardwuar who kicked the interview off by presenting the rapper/producer duo with a Notorious B.I.G. action figure.

40 told Nardwuar that for him Biggie meant a lot because he managed to crossover into the R&B space while maintaining the aggressive form of rap. He says a lot of the music was melodic base.

Drake added that Biggie's cadence and approach that he took to every song was incredible. 40 said that he is also a die-hard Common fan and no one needs to tell him about Common.

Meanwhile Drake and 40 were surprised with a message from, Timmy Thomas, the man responsible for the sample in Drake's hit record "Hotline Bling." Thomas said that Drake can do no wrong and thanked Drake.

You can watch the countless legendary and hilarious moments from the interview in the full video below.

Watch Nardwuar Interview Drake and 40 For Over an Hour