Mac Miller's Explores a 9 to 5 Life 'Brand Name' Music Video

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After releasing an incredible album titled, GO:OD AM, Mac Miller gave his fans another visual to one of his tracks. The "Brand Name" music video has Miller revisiting a 9 to 5 lifestyle which he no longer cares for.

The "Brand Name" music video has very clear resemblance to the Jim Carrey film "The Truman Show", which perfectly represented how brands have taken over as well as how much we can be sucked into a life that's truly not our ideal ones or what society presumes as acceptable.

Miller takes on the role as Truman who eventually finds out he was all part of a false reality, causing him to seek answers.

Like the GO:OD AM album, the music video is a revival of Miller and brings him towards a realization that is much needed.

It's a great video, taking cues from a classic film representing and perfectly produced and performed song in "Brand Name." You can check out the video below. GO:OD AM is now available.

Check out the "Brand Name" music video below.