New From NYC's Pop-Punk Band, Dog Society

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Dog Society, a pop-rock band from New York City, has some new releases this week. First, the band has released a music video for their new single "Our Own Parade." Be sure to check out the video below via Vimeo!

Dog Society - "Our Own Parade" from Lefty Motion on Vimeo.

Along with the release of their music video for "Our Own Parade", the pop-rockers teamed up with New York's CBS Local to incorporate their single "A Good Friend" into a campaign called Connectivity. To preview the commercial for the campaign, watch the video below.

Lastly, Dog Society has confirmed a show alongside Chicago and REO Speedwagon. The band is scheduled to perform at Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs, New York on Tuesday August 19th.

Consisting of Brian Schnaak, Bruce Erik Brauer, Rich Guerzon and Joe Ranieri, Dog Society's 'In The Shade' is their third album, following their debut release of 'Test Your Own Eyes' and 'Emerge'.

The third album has a variety of different sounds, channeling their inner Beatles with the psychedlic sounding "Losing Her Again", their inner Nirvana grunge with "Heal Me Friend" and their inner Flaming Lips indie-rock sound with "No Reason".

"Dog Society sounds a little like the love child of Gin Blossoms and Nirvana," The Vinyl District explained the sound of the band. "A blatant display of grit and grace," they continued.

Alt Sounds raved that "Dog Society proves to be the excellent musicians highlighted further by the brilliant production."

For more information on Dog Society, be sure to visit, and grab their latest album release of 'In The Shade', available now and which can also be streamed below.