Unkle Bob Album 'Embers' Drops, Music Video for 'Feel The Rain'

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When we last left musical group Unkle Bob we weren't sure the band's Kickstarter would net them the publicity and funding they were looking for. We're thrilled to say we were wrong.

The Kickstarter netted 165% of its goal, according to the latest release from Unkle Bob, and Embers was recorded and pressed within a month of the closing date.

Aside from the album which you can listen to below, Unkle Bob put out an official music video to their first single off this album, Feel the Rain.

EMBERS by Unkle Bob

Feel The Rain's video is stripped-down, bare-bones, and more than a little confusing at first.

I went back and forth from thinking this woman was a dancer to thinking this was a strange kind of performance art/statement to understanding just how good of a dancer she was, all in under four minutes.

Take a look and tell me what you think.