Gumshen Set to Release New Album 'Progtronica'

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Gumshen is a unique addition to the music industry.

Mixing and merging elements from rock, indie and electronic genres, Gumshen explores artistic and musical freedom by creating a unique and electric album 'Progtronica'. Gumshen's upcoming album is set to be released on February 11th.

Rising from Seattle, Gumshen consists of Ron Hippie on vox, keys and guitar, Jan Ciganik on guitar, Dennis McCoy on vox and drums and Rich Hinklin on bass. Ciganik and McCoy met in Seattle in the 90s, where they collaborated to form Methol James. The band began as a guitar based rock band in mid 2000's.

After some time, Hippie joined to form the trio, in which they recorded an EP in 2007. The band then added Hinklin to complete the band and expand the sound they wanted to portray through their music.

The band has always embraced different genres and styles of music from an array of eras, incorporating inspiration from Pink Floyd, Phoenix, Kraftwerk, Franz Ferdinand, Talking Heads and Genesis. The sound is like something you've never heard before, different but in a good way.

The mix is certainly intriguing and really shows how talented the band is to make the formation and collaboration of these three totally different genres work.

"Inspiration is all the music that's out there these days, wide variety. From great musicianship of Radiohead to simplicity of pop music like Phoenix, Franz Ferdinand to huge sounds of dub step," Gumshen explained.

"All new digital technology we recently introduced ourselves to, endless possibilities of soft synths, and how we could liven up earthy songs about weighty human emotions with modern beats.

But also you can hear of our original inspirations like Pink Floyd and early Genesis. I think 'Progtronica' is a suitable description."

Gumshen, who has performed at Played Bite of Seattle, Seattle Hempfest, Hard Rock Cafe and the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon, has also joined forces with and played alongside bands including Minus the Bear, The Icons - among many others.

There are big things in store following the release of the band's upcoming album 'Progtronica', so be sure to stay tuned for more to come from this eclectic rock-indie-electronic group.