The Roots' Black Thought Freestyles for Harvard Innovation Lab

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When it comes to hip-hop Black Thought is one of those artists who flies under the radar.

However, Black Thought happens to be one of the most talented MC's in the genre and he displayed some of that talent in a freestyle for Harvard's Innovation Lab.

"Tonight we welcomed Tariq Trotter, lead MC for the Roots to the Harvard i-lab as part of our Other Side Speaker series," read the caption of the video posted to the Harvard Innovation Lab YouTube channel.

"Although most of his time is spent on tour or leading The Roots as Jimmy Fallon's house band on The Tonight Show, Trotter is also a fashion entrepreneur, a supporter of various charitable organizations, and much more."

In the freestyle, Black Thought touched upon the tumultuous times that we live in and he completely rips it. It's almost effortless for Thought to talk about the social and racial issues that are affecting the world today and he also took subtle shots at music that continues to promote violence and drugs.

One thing is for sure, Thought embraced being a black man while pushing some serious knowledge. You can check out the insane freestyle below.

Watch Black Thought's Incredible Freestyle