Howard Stern Says He 'Would Be Gay' With Who????

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Today, on The Howard Stern Show, Howard Stern discussed a book that he was reading, and he noted that there was one man that he "would be gay" with if he were gay.

Who is this one man? Apparently, it's Democratic senator Al Franken. That's right, Howard Stern admitted that he had a man crush on Franken, and has been reading his book.

Howard notes that Franken went to Harvard and could have done anything but he chose to be a comedian.

Howard also discussed the fact that Franken decided to be a Democrat because of his experiences with his wife and her healthcare, among other things.

Here's what Howard said:

Howard: But anyway, I do recommend the book. I'm only about on chapter 5, but it's really good and one of his comedy influences was Soupy Sales, which I like...

There you go...I would be gay with Al Franken if I was gay man.

Robin: That's the first time you've ever said you had a man crush...I see your type is very intellectual.


Howard: I'm not shallow. If I was gay I would be blowing blowing guys who...

Robin: like Steve Jobs

Howard: Sure I would swallow for them -- swallow them whole -- and my a--hole...

So there you have it, if Howard Stern was gay, he would want to be with Senator Al Franken -- or Steve Jobs.

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