Chris Brown Says He 'Stiffened Up' Backstage Over Jennifer Lopez

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Chris Brown must have been feeling pretty darn good as he admitted something not many if any men would admit during his visit to the Angie Martinez Show. He had some words for Jennifer Lopez, words that expressed clear desires.

"J. Lo bad man. I'm just letting her know--hey, look, I might have just stiffened up a little bit back at the little show because it was a lot of people back there, and I was nervous.

My palms were sweaty. I said, 'Hi.' But, I like you and I want you," said Brown in his interview with Martinez.

After Martinez reminded Brown that Alex Rodriguez was dating Lopez, he simply said, "Oh you know what playboy, my bad." Just how bad does Brown want a shot with Lopez? Well, he said he didn't care if she was 70-years-old "she could get it."

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All things aside, it looks like Brown may have been having a little fun, because later on in the interview, he commented on songs that he has written for Lopez and being at her house.

"I wrote on her album a couple times," Brown added, according to Complex.

"I actually went to the house to write the songs. I'm on straight business focus mode... but you just look at her and be like... You look good! Stop!"

See the video above posted by Martinez for the hilarious comments.