Beats Antique Tours With Shpongle at Creature Carnival

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Get your LSD ready. Experimental electronic lovers have got to be fan-girling over the pairing of Beats Antique and Shpongle, together on stage for the Creature Carnival tour that began this month. We've got to say, it's about time.

Beats Antique has put together the Creature Carnival, a psychedelic smorgasbord with trance artists Shpongle as their wing man. Also in tow, Portland, Oregon's the Emancipator and Californian vocalist, Lafa Taylor, are performing.

Anand Harsh at The Untz put together a Top 10 Beats Antique Songs to get you pumped for the creature feature.

"The fusion of world sounds and bangin' bass was a recipe concocted by the gods and delivered to us on the swinging hips of Ms. Jakes," Harsh writes about Beats Antique's hypnotic hit, REVIVAL.

Beats Antique just released their new album, A THOUSAND FACES - ACT 1, carrying on their experimental world fusion concept with spooky, dub-step beats.

Derek Staples for Consequence of Sound writes: " An accomplished bellydancer, Jakes co-produces the tribal fusion alongside multi-instrumentalist Satori and percussionist Cappel to accompany her sensual movements across the live setting.

A Thousand Faces - Act 1 pushes this concept into new territories for the socially conscious collective."

The band members encourage concert-goers to embrace their inner creatures for this tour. Find dates for the Creature Carnival Tour here. Hold on to your concert tickets--this is going to be one trippy ride.