Logic Announces 'The Incredible True Story' Album Release Date

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Earlier today, Logic unleashed a tweet that may have gave fans the feeling that the album could be dropping very soon.

Now, he has confirmed the release date The Incredible True Story and it's even closer than we could have imagined.

After an initial tweet voicing his excitement for the project, Logic later followed it up with news that The Incredible True Story album will be released on Friday, November 13. As promised fans will be able to hear the album this fall a little over a year after Logic's first project Under Pressure.

The first single off The Incredible True Story is titled, "Young Jesus" and served as an outstanding start for the album.

Logic has been sharing bits and pieces about his New York Comic Con panel, where he will be sharing the details of a film that is supposed to accompany The Incredible True Story album. He has also shared some of the artwork that artist Sam Spratt has been working on for the album as well as the setting for the movie.

This is great news for Logic fans who have been stirring since the announcement of a sophomore album.

If the album is anything like his first or better, fans are in for one really big treat. Again, The Incredible True Story is set for a November 13 release.

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