Macklemore and Ed Sheeran Drop 'Growing Up (Sloane's Song)' For Free

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Singer/Songwriter Ed Sheeran announced that he will be releasing a new song on August 5th. Bonus, the song is going to be free.

(Audio Below)

Sheeran's still riding on the effects of last year's album "X," and the only new material he's released has been remixes and songs written to be a part of soundtracks.

He used twitter to announce the new song. Stating that it is a collaboration and while fans might think they know who that person is, they're wrong.

The new song, "Growing Up (Sloane's Song)," is by Macklemore and features Sheeran. It's a pretty nice song with almost a discussion between Macklemore and Sheeran. The rapper definitely tailored this song for his son.

It's a preset apology to the son for the amount of time Macklemore might be absent from his life because of work.

Sheeran sings the chorus from the perspective of the son, who still hasn't been born yet.

It's a song with a lot of heart between Macklemore taking about the important life lessons he wants his son to get and the power behind Sheeran's voice.

Listen to "Growing Up (Slaone's Song)" below.

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