Music Stars Justin Bieber And Quavo Join The 2018 NBA All Star Celebrity Game

Each year the NBA hosts a special basketball game featuring many different celebrities from all walks of life. Some new late additions have been added and they include pop star Justin Bieber as well as rapper Quavo. 

As reported by Billboard, Justin Bieber will be joining Team Lakers. This team also includes the likes of Nate Robinson, Nick Cannon, Tracy McGrady, Rachel DeMita and many more. 

This is not Bieber's first time playing in the NBA All Star game. He was actually named MVP back in 2011 and even managed to break the ankles of actor Common with his dribbles. 

Bieber is much older now than he was back in 2011 so it will be interesting to see if his basketball skills have improved over the years.

He's much taller now so he might be better at shooting and defending compared to when he was only a teenager.

Another late addition is rapper Quavo who is joining Team Clippers. This team consists of the likes of Jamie Foxx, Anthony Anderson, Paul Pierce and more. 

Quavo might be really good at the game since he previously played basketball in high school. It will be interesting to see if can become this year's MVP due to his past experience. 

That said, usually the most unusual celebrities do the best during the celebrity game so it's always hard to predict who will get MVP every year.

The NBA All Star Celebrity game airs on February 16th starting at 7:00 p.m ET on ESPN. On Saturday there will be the Slam Dunk and three point contests while Sunday is the big finale with the actual NBA All Star game. 

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