Girl Band Announces Single for 2014

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The Irish quartet, Girl Band, has recently announced their new single for 2014. "Lawman" will be available in the US come late January and will be released with Any Other City Records.

This Is Fake DIY recently described the release as "maniacal music, the kind that translates onto its listener and turns them into a more rabid individual. Watch out."

The band from Dublin consists of Dara Kiely, Alan Duggan, Daniel Fox and Adam Faulkner. The Irish band is influenced by a mix of different genres, grabbing inspiration from 70s post punk, 80s hardcore punk and techno acts.

The four talented musicians released their debut single "In My Head" in 2012. Their single release was followed by their six track EP 'France 98', which was also released with Any Other City Records.

"Musically somewhere between bleach-era Nirvana, McLusky, Jesus Lizard," Rough Trade described the work of Girl Band.

The band is also known to put on a loud and lively performance, with energetic audiences and following fans.

Be on the lookout in the US for the release of Girl Band's new single, becoming available for purchase and download late January 2014.