Howard Stern Website Releases Richard Christie Halloween Video

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"Howard Stern Show" writer/producer Richard Christy likes Halloween more than most people.

He celebrates the season for months visiting haunted houses and other attractions all around the country. He also drinks pumpkin beer, watches his favorite horror movies and generally full immerses himself in the season.

Now, Christy's love of Halloween has been immortalized in an animated short posted on Stern's


and YouTube.

The animated video, created by Carlos Ramos, shows Christy telling a story from his childhood about how he saved up money in order to buy a fog machine, and the problems that caused with his father.

Ramos is an artist and Stern fan whose other work can be found at

In addition to his work on the Stern show Christy is a well-regarded heavy metal drummer who has released two albums with has band Charred Walls of the Damned.