A Music Video for Lana Del rey's 'Music To Watch Boys To' Might Be On It's Way

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Fans of Lana Del Rey can continue to rejoice as the singer released a photo which alludes to a music video of a track titled, "Music To Watch Boys To," which will be featured on her album "Honeymoon."

In the photo below, Lana Del Rey is surrounded by four other women who look to be having a ton of fun. Lana Del Rey is sporting a New York Yankees hat and a million dollar smile as the wind whips around her and her friends.

The caption however, is what really gives the possibility of the music video away.

"Behind scenes Music To Watch Boys To," posted Lana in the caption of the photo.

Fans have already been treated to a music video for her single "High By The Beach" and she also released another single titled, "Terrence Loves You" that unfortunately was not accompanied by a visual.

That being said, with this new post, fans should be expecting another single, "Music To Watch Boys To," as well as a music video to accompany it, before the release of "Honeymoon."

Recently, Lana Del Rey has been featured on The Weeknd's "Beauty Behind The Madness" album on a track titled, "Prisoner." Her album "Honeymoon" is scheduled to be released on September 18. It's a beautiful duet between the two and a collaboration made in heaven.

Empty Lighthouse will have more information as soon as it's available.

Behind scenes Music To Watch Boys To

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