Is Ab-Souls Latest Tweet 'Nobody Is Happy' True?: Fans Split, J. Cole 'We All Sell Outs'

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Earlier today Ab-Soul took to Twitter to share something pretty interesting with his fans and followers, but is there really truth to his statement?

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"Nobody is Happy," read the simple tweet that already has almost 3,000 shares and 2,200 replies. The tweet is made in a troublesome time in the world.

The economy though better than it was a few years ago is still not where we'd all like it to be and the ruthless acts of violence all over the world have also dampened the spirits of many.

Even an artist such as Ab-Soul who has what seems as a pretty cool life, made the blunt statement which groups everyone including himself with unhappiness.

Some fans actually challenge the notion by questioning the statement or simply stating that they are happy.

While many replies were drawn from this tweet it looks like more people retweeted rather than challenging the notion which really has you thinking, is the statement true?

A few weeks ago, rapper J. Cole went on record during an interview with Angie Martinez saying, "we all sell outs." His words came after speaking on Love and Hip-Hop and his thoughts on certain shows that "corrupt" people.

He says that these days anybody would do anything for the money because they need it to survive. He says that he feels that life isn't supposed to be that way anymore and life should be worth more.

These are two very influential hip-hop artists who have both spoken their minds before, especially in their music. However, their recent train of thought really has many questioning whether or not people are really happy in society today.

The old cliche is "money can't buy you happiness," and it looks like these two artists are finally speaking out, not for themselves, but for every working person who is trying to make a living.