Twitter Responds To Justin Bieber's strip tease

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Normally when a star takes his or her clothes off in public the crowd goes crazy.

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In the case of Justin Bieber that was not what happened as he was booed as he stripped off his clothes during the Fashio Rocks concert Tuesday night in New York.

Part of the reason for the booing is certainly Bieber fatigue (which is the opposite of Bieiber Fever) but some of it may be due to the singing star's awkward performance as reported by

"During the concert, the singer presented alongside supermodel Lara Stone," the site reported.

"He began his sketch by saying, barely audible over the boos, 'So, uh, I actually don't feel comfortable unless I'm in my Calvins, so ... is that cool?'"

Unlike Miley Cyrus who seems calculated and knowing in her various antics, Bieber has at times seemed out of control and the public appears to be turning on him.

After the event, Twitter was alive with fans, and the singer himself commenting on the semi-stripping.