Where Is Kendrick Lamar?

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Kendrick Lamar broke out onto the hip-hop scene and completely destroyed many of your favorite MC's with his verse on "Control," featuring Big Sean and Jay Electronica, but it seems as if he has almost vanished from the limelight.

Lamar's Twitter page has been quite dry with just two retweets on August 2, and before that none for the entire month of July.

His Twitter page is quite laced with support for TDE's Ab-Soul and his album "These Days," who is also one of Lamar's closest friends.

Though he has over a million followers on Instagram, his last posted was in January which happened to be a photo of his TDE mate Schoolboy Q's album cover for "Oxymoron."

In late July, Complex Magazine followed Lamar through a few studio sessions in LA, and according to BET.com, "the 27-year-old rapper said that he has recorded "30 to 40" tracks but is still 'flirting with ideas' to title the new project, which will feature production from Tae Beats, Sounwave of Divi+Phonics and possibly Dr.

Dre." The album is set to be released some time this year, but there has yet to be any concrete details other than the fact that it is still in the works.

"It looks like they're about to get fuller as he's commissioned a short film based on 'Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City,' aptly titled 'M.A.A.D.,'" said The Urban Daily, "That will premiere at the Sundance Next Festival tomorrow night." The film is directed by Kahlil Joseph and has a run time of 14-minute minutes. According to the article, the film will contain "a kaleidoscope of story lines and ideas that defy typical categorization to explore new languages and new forms."

So there you have it Kendrick Lamar has just been way too busy for social media as he preps from the upcoming album.

If you happen to be at the Sundance Next Festival you can catch the premiere of "M.A.A.D." Hopefully he doesn't keep his fans waiting too much longer for the new album.

Photo courtesy of gozamos.