'Tan Mom' Fell Down A Well For A Week On The Howard Stern Show

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This morning, on a live episode of The Howard Stern Show, Tan Mom called in to talk, and she dropped what sounded like a bomb on the show: she claims that she was thrown into a well, and lived there for a week before she was rescued when she was a child.

Tan Mom had been trying to have a conversation with Howard Stern, when the topic turned to why she's unable to speak properly.

Shuli noted that she has plates in her head, and that she has had multiple traumatic incidents. Shuli said that Tan Mom told him that she had been thrown down a well.

Howard was somewhat incredulous about the well story, and he asked Tan Mom for details. According to Tan Mom, she was thrown down a well by a guy she knew when she was in her teens.

She had to live there for a week before her family found her. She claims that there is no record of the whole event because her family wanted to keep it quiet.

As a result of the well incident, Tan Mom claims the man got several years in jail.

Tan Mom separately claims that she was proclaimed dead twice, for other incidents. That's why she can't see out of her left eye.

One of those incidents occurred at a bar, where she was hit by a large man. That particular incident appears to have been corroborated by news stories at the time.

During the retelling, Tan Mom started to break down and cry. Howard backed off a bit, but things got more heated when Jeff the Drunk said that Tan Mom made everything up.

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