Latest News on R&B Superstar, VV Brown

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2013 has been quite the successful year for the soulful R&B artist, VV Brown.

The young and talented singer, songwriter, producer and now record label owner's single "The Apple" made it the top of NPR's Top 5 R&B Songs, released her "Going Indie" tour documentary premiering on Pure Volume and her 'Samson & Delilah' LP. The artist is just gearing up to take 2014 by storm.

The singer released her sophomore album this year, and received raving reviews from around the world. She released the album 'Samson & Delilah' independently on her own label, YOY Records.

The release is a "long overdue comeback and described by Spin as "fusing itchy electro pulse to smoky soul testimonials".

To end the year, she also released a tour documentary titled "Going Indie", which can be viewed on Pure Volume. The documentary follows Brown on tour and focuses on the intimate details of tour life and what its like to go "independent". The 60 minute film captures a look into the singer's life.

"Never before have you seen VV Brown so close and human", a recent press release states about the documentary release. " She tackles her fears and insecurities and reveals her hopes for what is in store for 2014." VV Brown continues on to explain to viewers, listeners and fans, "This documentary is a little Christmas gift and we look forward to next year.

We hope you enjoy the film and Merry Christmas. This is only the beginning."

For more information and news on VV Brown and what she has in store for 2014, visit, and to watch her documentary "Going Indie", follow the link to Pure Volume below!