DJ Khaled Premieres 'For Free' Ft. Drake on Zane Lowe's Beats Radio 1 Show

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The Snapchatting pro DJ Khaled premiered his brand new single off of the upcoming Major Key album titled, "For Free." The track features Drake and is a summer ready anthem for the free spirit.

DJ Khaled had his fans in a frenzy when he revealed that he would be premiering "For Free" featuring Drake on Zane Lowe's Beast Radio 1 show.

As promised Khaled delivered "For Free" which happens to be another clear key for Khaled.

Khaled is looking to take over the summer and says that both he and Drake felt like this was the right time to release "For Free."

Lowe believed that Khaled brought out the nasty/player in Drake with "For Free." Khaled feels like every hustler and female will love this track.

He also praised Drake for his "hook game." The producer said that when he and Drake drops tracks they only drop anthems and he expects it to fly up the chart.

The light and bouncy feel of the track should help boost its popularity.

Khaled wanted to deliver properly for his fans and Zane Lowe and Khaled played the groovy summer ready track plenty of times to get it embed into the ears of the listeners.

Fan reactions to the track has been pretty positive overall as this does feel like another Major Key for DJ Khaled.