Spinnin' Sessions Turned Over as New Global Concept

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Spinnin' Sessions, the successful weekly radio show and showcase event of record label Spinnin' Records, is going worldwide thanks to the new collaboration with E&A Events and ID&T.

The live concept that is the highlight of Miami Music Week every spring is going to get it's new look worldwide premiere at club AIR in Amsterdam on Saturday 28 June.

During the Amsterdam Dance Event later this year the combined partners are promising an even greater Spinnin' Session than ever seen before.

Spinnin' Sessions was originally the live concept of record label Spinnin' Records based on their radio show of the same name. Under the motto ' It all starts with good music ' they would have the world's best and most famous DJ 's perform on the show. Until recently this was reserved only for Miami, but soon it's for the rest of the world. Starting with the Netherlands.

After the success of Spinnin' Sessions in Miami the record label Spinnin' Records went looking for partners that would make it possible to offer the concept worldwide. With E&A Events and ID&T they found just that.

E&A Events are well known as organizers of Kingsland, the TIKTAK Festival and the event 'Don't Let Daddy Know' which started in Ibiza and is now taking place in many different countries around the world.

ID&T is among other logical partner as they already organize worldwide editions of Sensation, Tomorrowland and Mysteryland.