Best 'Geronimo' Covers on Youtube

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The newly popular band Sheppard released its only album in July of last year. It has done pretty well in the charts over in Australia where the group is from.

On March 9 it debuted here in North America and it is soaring up the charts quickly. The one song that has seemed to get a lot of attention here is the catchy track "Geronimo."

(The Acoustic version of Geronimo Below)

Certainly this song works in pretty much any form. From a classic rock, techno, and of course acoustic feel the band has created a song that people can alter and make their own.

Below are three of the best covers I could find.

The first is a rendition from The Oxford Comma! It has a very classic garage band feel to the video and although a similar sound to the original it slightly pulled back and quiet which is quite relaxing.

Featured musicians include David Vicchiollo, Mary Cloud Taylor, Peyton Dixon, Tyler Daniels, Walter Lyle & Drake Armstrong.

The next cover comes from a duo known as the Hold Harbour. These guys haven't done too much yet but this is one of the most popular songs they've got at the moment.

The final one comes from a solo artist. This song certainly can be sung by just about anyone and it almost feels at times it was meant for a girl on lead vocals. Here is Natalie Baker's version that is sure to blow you away.

She writes some of her own songs and is covering all the time. Be sure to check her music out.

This song was popular in Australia but now it is getting it's due here in the U.S. finally.

I'll will be watching for new music from Sheppard because this song is refreshing and different. That seems to be becoming a rarity more and more.

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