Shirtless Tyga Graces Cover of Flaunt Magazine

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Tyga hit Instagram today to re-announce that his up-and-coming album 'The Gold Album' would release on November 18th.

The release date was originally announced earlier this month, but Tyga posted himself in the studio while an engineer is hard at work.

He also posted an image of himself on the cover of the widely read 'Flaunt Magazine'.

Tyga made news earlier in the summer when he dropped out of the Under The Influence Tour to continue working on the album. Tyga's first album came out in 2008, but his first major hit came with 'Rack City' in 2012.

Tyga has also has alluded to a collaboration with Justin Bieber back in June that could result in a new song besides 'Wait For A Minute' which came out in late 2013.

Tyga is shown in on the cover of the magazine on a white couch, shirtless and a large rope chain. Tygas' signature tattoos also show in deep contrast in the black and white image. Flaunt posted along with the photo:

Thoughts, Conclusions, Confusions, Illusions, and a $20,000 Gold Sarcophagus.