Lil Dicky Releases 'Classic Male Pregame' Music Video & It's Hilarious

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The Hip-Hop troll that is Lil Dicky releases a brand new music video for "Classic Male Pregame," and it's just as epically funny as the rest of his hits.

(Video below)

Lil Dicky and his crew turn up before going out to the club and he even has his own dance team to make the music video complete.

Dicky shows off his skills dropping rapid verses about stereotypical preparations by males before they head out to the club and try to pick up females or just have a good time.

The track contains a hook by Nekisha-Michelle along with a heavy beat that is sure to get fans geared towards the party feel.

Yeah, it's practically a full on troll of anyone who pre-games before going out. The funny part is, he pretty much hits the nail on the head.

The use of auto-tune is pretty hilarious but the interpretive dancers and the "thank you for your time" at the end takes things to a whole other level.

The video was posted to Lil Dicky's official YouTube Channel, fans can check out this video and a lot more hilarious parodies on the channel.

Watch the "Classic Male Pregame" video below.