Nicki Minaj Releases Music Video for "Pills N Potions"

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In Nicki Minaj's recently released "Pill N Potions" video, we see a unusually toned down version of the diva; no crazy wigs or fluorescent makeup here.

The song, which comes off her latest album, The Pink Print, features The Game, who plays the part of Minaj's lover in one tumultuous, drug-addled relationship. Part love song, part pill-induced hallucination, the video pans back and forth between shots of beautiful, troubled Nicki, floating pills, gyrating rabbits, and billowing clouds of smoke.

As a slow, sultry ballad, "Pills N Potions" showcases Minaj's impressive vocals. We already know she can rap, so it's refreshing to see her ditch the dramatics and show us show us the true depth of her talents.

But then you notice the video's glaring ad placement. At one point you see the female rapper dousing herself in her own perfume, with its trademark Minaj-shaped bottle. Then, towards the end of the video, the camera hones in on Dr.

Dre's pill-shaped, portable Beats speakers. Subtlety is clearly not what Minaj was going for, but despite all that, we think her voice manages to redeem the video. Watch "Pills N Potions" below and decide for yourself: